Welcome to Simon Says!

Welcome to the new blog!

Hi! I’m Simon, Scout extraordinaire here at the Simon Kenton Council. Welcome to the council’s new blog! I hope to be able to bring some excitement to the Scouting community here in central and southern Ohio, as well as give insight on various aspects of the Scouting program.

Our council is gearing up for an exciting summer! I know I personally am going to enjoy one of the several Scout Nights offered by the council (Visit our calendar at www.skcbsa.org, to see more information about Scout Nights with the Columbus Clippers, Ohio Machine and Columbus Crew).

Day camp and resident camp is also approaching-Scouts of all ages can make lasting memories by attending camp. I made friends for a lifetime and am still laughing about the one time Joey caught that frog that had bounced on our leader’s head …. hee-hee….

I’m super excited about the Ohio State Fair this year. I plan on eating several gyros, ears of corn and funnel cakes, but most of all, I can’t wait to see the Boy Scout booth. I’ve heard there will be robots, pinewood derby cars and contests … all things that make being a Boy Scout fun! Find out more at http://www.skcbsa.org/ohiostatefair.php.

So, grab your gear, your uniform, and most of all, your excitement and come out with me to all of the exciting summer Scouting events! I know I’m going to make this Scouting summer the best one yet!


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  1. Adi says:

    Love the site too!If you are a LBAC Scouter just returning from our Treasure of Tahquitz Camporee .Welcome! Hope you and your Boys had a fnasattic Weekend. It was a true pleasure to have you all and glad you attended!I am very glad that I or one of my henchmen convinced you to investigate and hopefully commit to take the premier course in you Scouter training .Woodbadge. You will be rewarded with tools of plenty to take back to your unit in order to bring your boys the best program possible. In addition you will network with the finest group of folks, like minded, with a passion for Scouting, with guarenteed fun! Now Click back and sign up! Bring a friend too!See you on course Bobwhite Blake

  2. Fernando says:

    Hi Troop 1389 We are still scheduling wksorhops and hope to lock down most of them this week but so far we have returning from years past: What’s in the Water, How Sweet it is! (fudge making), Nursing, Physics Petting Zoo, Examining Mammals, Something Mathy this way comes, Shrinky Dinks, Pharmacy in Your Future, Snap Circuits, Alice in Programming Land, Lego, Mindspring Robots (2 hours) New this year There is a Tool for it (women in construction), 2 new space related workshps, CSI, a new Society of Women Engineering workshop. Hope this helps. Looking forward to seeing you all at this year’s GEMS event.

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