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Hi! It’s me, Simon, again, logging in to share some great stories of units in the past several months.

Several units in our council have been awarded the Beacon Award. It’s a great award that honors units who have received positive attention by local media and communities for their hard work. You see, reaching out to help others not only makes you feel good, but it helps boost the images of the Boy Scouts of America. Pretty cool, if you ask me! For more information on how to earn the Beacon Award, visit

Without further delay, here are Beacon Award recipients:


Cub Scout pack garners attention for its goodwill gesture

 Columbus, OH (May 22, 2012) –– Instead of focusing on the latest and greatest toys they would receive from Santa Claus last Christmas, members of Pack 456 used their artistic talents to make the lives brighter of injured Marines, earning them a Beacon Award.

In collaboration with Saint Mary School, 26 Cub Scouts from Pack 456 contributed drawings, paintings and colorings with pictures and messages supporting the Marines. Artwork contributed by the youth was collected by the Art for the Wounded Warriors Project, a nationwide project sponsored by the National Museum of the Marine Corps. The artwork was then distributed to facilities where Marines are recovering from injuries worldwide, in coordination with the Marine Corps’ Wounded Warrior Regiment.

In December 2011, the unit and students from Saint Mary School hosted an art show to showcase their pieces prior to submitting them to the museum and Wounded Warrior Regiment. Their work earned the Scouts and students an article in the “German Village Gazette.”


Boy Scout Troop takes on menacing weed

 Upper Arlington, OH (May 22, 2012) –– Armed with pruning shears, saws, loppers and work gloves, Troop 417 cleared invasive honeysuckle at Charing Ravine Park last fall, grabbing the attention of a local government publication and earning the unit a Beacon Award.

In August 2011, the unit teamed up with the Ohio Department of Natural Resources to help control the spread of honeysuckle in the Upper Arlington park. Honeysuckle, according to the ODNR, is a non-native, fast-growing trailing or climbing woody vine, which, if left to spread, would damage native plant populations and overweigh tree tops.

The unit has committed to removing honeysuckle from all Upper Arlington Parks, according to Scoutmaster Vern Margard. Since making the commitment, the unit has put in more than 200 man hours in clearing honeysuckle.

In addition to clearing honeysuckle, the troop recently garnered local media attention thanks to Alex Van Schoyck’s Eagle project. Alex’s idea of honoring his late grandmother, an avid tennis fan, by building a picnic area near the tennis courts at Jones Middle School, earned him an article in the “Upper Arlington News.”


Licking District unit earns award for clean-up efforts in Licking River

 Newark, OH (May 22, 2012) –– The ecosystem of parts of the Licking River in Newark are healthier now, thanks to a Licking District unit.

Members of Troop 4 assisted the Licking County Soil and Water Conservation Agency last fall during the Licking River Round-Up, clearing stretches of the river, in an effort to beautify the area. Debris such as shopping carts and discarded tires were removed from the river by the members.

Several Troop 4 members and their families were featured in photographs alongside an article about the event in the “Newark Advocate,” as well as on the newspaper’s website. Scouts from the unit also were interviewed for the Licking County Soil and Water newsletter and website.



Chief Logan District unit earns award for its help on a distressed property

 Greenfield, OH (May 31, 2012) –- In an effort to help beautify the community in preparation for a local event in June, members of Troop 390 recently assisted in cleaning up around a distressed home.

With supplies donated by the Highland County Recycling and Litter Prevention agency, the troop tackled the trash and overgrown yard of an abandoned property on Seventh Street in Greenfield. The unit filled eight large recycling bags filled with trash as well as mowed the property’s lawn.

Their hard work and determination to help improve the property sparked the interest of passers-by, one of whom stopped and offered assistance.

The clean-up effort was prompted by the community’s anticipated community yard sale, which will take place over the span of two days in June. The local newspaper, the “Times-Gazette,” featured the project in an article earlier this month.

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  1. Chigozie says:

    I’m not really undarstending what you mean in the last paragraph? Did you mean Young Men and not YW? What’s any of that got to do with fast offerings? I frankly don’t like the FOS drive. But I donate because if the church is actually asking for it on such a large scale, the Lord’s servants must feel it is worthwhile despite its certain many imperfections.I suppose it’s also recognition that I really should be willing to detach myself from my wealth and freely give it when called upon. I don’t begrudge donating, I just don’t fully realize the value like others of paying hundreds of thousands of dollars to executive incomes when the church could easily duplicate and improve upon scouting within the YM program itself in a matter of weeks for a fraction of the cost. Typing all that out for the first time, I get the sense that perhaps the church is not just interested in what scouting can do for the church youth (as we can easily do that with our own programs), but perhaps the immense good the BSA does for all those other youths that are involved. Viewed in that light, it’s like we’re supporting an organization that helps train up other good young men in many other faiths. Surely if the church pulled out of scouting, the BSA as a whole would suffer financially, which would have an impact on thousands of other non-member kids.Of course I’m not one to judge if that’s sufficient reasoning as we all know there are many other better ways to help kids around the world. Not to mention the lack of comparable support for girls organizations (outside of the church).

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