Don’t Lose us on Facebook!

With technology ever-changing, we try to find ways to apply quick or easy fixes to best serve you. Facebook has implemented changes that may prevent you from seeing us on your news feed, which means important dates, fun events, and vital information could go unseen on your Facebook page. This can be avoided by just a couple simple steps:

1.) Go to and make sure you “Like” the page
2.)Click on the Liked button and select both “Show in News Feed” and now “Add to Interest Lists”
-If no Interest Lists has been made, you must first select “New List”
-Then create a list with the desired title best appropriate for your interests

Please keep in mind this will add all posts to the news feed of the interest list and not to the regular news feed which is where most of us are used to browsing. Some of the posts may come through to your regular news thread but be sure to click on your interest lists before heading off of Facebook. Also, this action can only be completed on your personal profile page and not a business page. Thanks for letting us keep you in the SKC know.

Happy Cyber Surfing!


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