JTE Scores Are In!

The results are in, and it’s been another banner year in the BSA’s Journey to Excellence. More than 90 percent of 286 councils earned bronze, silver, or gold recognition in 2012, with 64 percent of councils improving their total points or remaining gold-level performers. Evaluating council performers by recognition level, there were 134 councils earn gold, 96 earn silver, and 39 earn bronze. Only 17 of 286 councils failed to qualify for JTE recognition. Very Impressive Numbers!
 Simon Kenton Council was one of the 134 councils to earn the Gold recognition for 2012. Although we are very proud and excited about another year of Gold ranking, the true winners are all our Scouts and volunteers.  The volunteers and youth being served by continuously improving Scouting programs is where the gratitude starts.  Journey to Excellence is engaging volunteers and staff in action-oriented discussions focused on how together, we make the Scouting program better tomorrow than it is today. Our culture is embracing the JTE balanced scorecard as the corporate standard to measure Scouting achievement at the unit, district, and council levels.
Simon Kenton Council is excited about how this latest advance will support district executives and district committees to better serve local Scouting. Thank you for your continued hard work which gave us, our Scouts, and all volunteers an impressive 2012!

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