Thanking Our Volunteers

Volunteers are the lifeblood for any nonprofit organization and each person has different reasons for stepping up to the challenge.  Many organizations, events, and groups rely on the assistance of volunteers because of their worth and without them would not run smoothly- or at all! The volunteers of Simon Kenton Council are no exception.  During this year’s Volunteer Appreciation Week, we want you to know how important and appreciated you truly are to us and the Scouting program.

To think of a volunteer as someone who simply has a lot of spare time on their hands and is here just for something to do is false- especially in SKC. You give your time and energy because you are passionate about Scouting; it’s not just something you do, it is who you are. You coordinate for hours with people you may not know, tirelessly create fun agendas for meetings and campouts, plan successful fundraisers, complete important and necessary training courses,  camp in below freezing temperatures, and travel miles and miles for that one special experience you know will create lifelong memories for your Scouts. Our SKC volunteers not only help the youth in the program but the surrounding communities through food drives and other service projects. You take ‘Do a Good Turn Daily’ to heart and fully encompass what that means into your actions.

What would we do without you? It’s a scary thought but in short, the answer would be we wouldn’t. Without your devotion and commitment, thousands of Scouts in central and southern Ohio and northern Kentucky would not have a program to grow and learn the Scouting ways. Our goal is to be the premier leader in youth development and because of you we are always able to successfully renew that goal each and every year. Without your support, we would not have the opportunity to provide Scouting to more than 22,000 youth.

Whether you began volunteering because your child was interested in joining, your friends asked you to help, or you believe in the Scouting program, we thank you for making the commitment to better the lives of our youth.  We thank you for your heartfelt dedication to the program. Thank you for the time you commit to the youth and because of your commitment they have grown in Scouting. There are countless Scouts who made memories and new friends, conquered fears, fulfilled their goals, surprised even themselves, pushed harder than they thought they could, and even became an Eagle Scout all because you said “I will”. THANK YOU!

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