Beacon Award

The Beacon Award is presented to units who enhance the image of Scouting in the community. It is limited to one award per unit, per year.

The award will be for units that publicize community service efforts or events and get their stories told in local media. This awareness of Scouting will help promote Scouting’s values and relevance in local communities. The Beacon Award is an honor for units, and the council will recognize unit recipients with a certificate and publication about their great deed on the website and social media outlets.


Download the PDF and forms Here

Some Important Tips For Monitoring Moods And Bipolar Disorder Manic Symptoms

You need to recognize and monitor how you are feeling in order to stay healthy as a bipolar patient. Most people fail to do so, and by that time the mood swings have already set in it is too late. Monitor yourself for changes, even the slightest, in your sleeping patterns, energy levels, thoughts, and your mood. Monitoring yourself and catching early symptoms are key to preventing full bipolar depression.

Always Know What are your Triggers ” The early warning signs

Being able to recognize early warning signs of bipolar manic depressive attacks is the key. To do this, simply make a list of the symptoms you experienced before you last episode. Look for outside influences that could have been triggers michael kors cheap of your bipolar episodes. Here are some common triggers:

Stress: either from work or families. Difficulties with money which can add stress to a patient. Fighting loved ones. Problems in school and at work: relationships can go down in these two different places. Seasonal changes can also affect the hormones in the body, especially women. Lack of sleep can be a sign of depression.

Some Warning signs to Look out for

I do not want to do gardening. I fake michael kors hate being around people. I long to have chocolate. I am having bad headaches. I have lost interest in everybody. I hate replica cheap Michael Kors people bothering me. I just want to sleep, sleep and sleep even during the cheap replica michael kors day.

The Red flags OF Bipolar manic or Hippo manic symptoms

I can read a lot of books all at once. I am unusually talkative. cheap Michael Kors I easily getting angry. I am hungry even after a good meal. My friends tell me I am bad. I have lots of energy.

Create an Approach to Health care

If you see any signs of bipolar manic or bipolar depression, act quickly. When this happens, it’s best to have a health care discount michael kors approach ready. It may be composed of some activities or coping skills you or your family can utilize cheap michael kors to achieve a more Michael Kors handbag outlet stable mood. While it takes a little experimenting and time to find the strategy that works best, many with bipolar systems have found the following to be helpful:

Try and talk to a person who is supportive. Get a good eight hours of rest. Try and not do too much activities. Find a support group and attend it. Be faithful to your psychiatrist or therapist. Be creative cheap michael kors purses and do something fun.

While stress can initiate episodes of bipolar manic and bipolar depression, keeping the illness under control is very important. Important to know your limits, at home with family members, at work or in school. Finally do not take too much that you can’t handle. Learn to look after yourself by taking time for yourself especially if you are starting to feel down.

Ken P Doyle is a campaigner for bipolar disorder and has a lot of information on mental illness. As a campaigner he is willing to share some excellent information and data on cheap michael kors bipolar manic and bipolar depression.Articles Connexes:

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