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Are you “connected” to Scouting?

Facebook… Twitter… LinkedIn.  For many of us, these are not new terms. For a few, they are practically a foreign language.  For some, they are terms that are practically part of daily conversation.  But what do they mean?  And more importantly, what do they mean to Scouting?

Of course, with any form of communication there’s the positive and the negative.  You are probably asking, “With any form of communication?”  Well, yes.

Writing a Letter.
Positive: It’s personal.
Negative: It’s slow to deliver.  And what about those people with bad handwriting?

A Newsletter.
Positive: It’s professional and usually colorful.
Negative: It’s time consuming to put together and the information can be quick to be dated.

An Email.
Positive: It’s quick.
Negative: It’s very impersonal.

A Website:
Positive: It’s a one-stop shop for information.
Negative: It’s time consuming to maintain.

I can go on and on about the different ways we can communicate.  The reality is, there is no perfect form of communication.  The best part is, there are so many options.  And in Scouting, we cover just about all of them.  On any given day a letter is being mailed, a newsletter is being created, an email is being sent and a website is being maintained.

But what do YOU turn to in order to get the latest news and information?  While I personally love reading an old fashioned newspaper (there’s something about it that I just really enjoy) the reality is what went to press on Sunday night and arrived on my door step at 7am Monday morning is probably not the newest information I could be receiving by 5pm when I get back home to read it.

What can I read… and what can most of us read if we choose to?  Social media sites.  You know they aren’t just used by kids anymore but they are a great source of current, quick information.

During the month of February alone, SKC_Scouts posted 16 times on Twitter (that’s the council’s official Twitter account).  That’s 16 pieces of information you could have at your fingertips in seconds just by following the council on Twitter.  If you’re not sure if it’s worth it, follow other interesting people, too.  I follow more than 400 people (many of whom are connected to Scouting some way).  So I’m not just finding out about the latest news in the council but I’m also learning about best practices from other Scout units, hearing about the newest articles posted on Scouting Magazine’s blog “Bryan on Scouting,” and so much more.

By “Liking” the council’s Facebook page, in February alone, I got to see pictures from the Silver Beaver Recognition Luncheon and even got a heads-up on Internet Advancement being down for maintenance over the weekend.  Now I get it if you don’t want to “Friend” the world and share your life story with complete strangers, or even people you went to high school with, but there’s a lot of useful information that comes from creating a Facebook account, even if it is just to “Like” the council’s page and get the latest information right at your fingertips.

It’s kind of funny.  If you’re reading my blog, you are already more ahead of things then you probably thought.  If you’re reading this and you are already very “connected” share this with someone who isn’t.  How you choose to share it is up to you.  You can copy and paste it in an email, print it and mail it to them or dare I even say…. read it to them over the phone.  Yikes!

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