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Social Media Ad Spending by User

Digital marketing firms in Utah and across the nation will expect to pay approximately $50.42 per cheap michael kors purses user in 2015, with an expected increase to $71.37 by the end of 2017. and Canadian marketers will use.

Although North American countries and Western European countries had roughly the same total number of social media users in 2014, the North American countries spent twice as much in social media adverting per user. and Canada

In contrast to these two regions, all other regions of the world will continue to spend a much smaller fraction of their total global ad spending on social media. The Asia Pacific region will spend the most per user in these regions cheap michael kors bags with $8.04, followed by Eastern Europe at $3.41. The Latin American region, along with the Middle East and Africa region, are last with costs of $2.84 and $0.64 per user respectively.

Social Media Ad Spending by Platform

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